K (munchkin1616) wrote in mirage_models,

New Here

Name: Kryss
Age: 22
Location: Central OH

Eyes: Green
Hair: auburn
Height: 5'3
Weight: 116
Chest: 36
Wasit: 28
Hip: 36

Prefered intersts: (eg: runway/fashion.commercial etc.) all but high fashion due to height
Experience: hair shows, runway
Website? not yet

Model Agency: (if any) potentially signed... see below


Here's the current dilemma...

I have been asked to sign with an agency, however I'd need a book and electronic pics. They say that they have a contract with a photographer to make sure they get the pics they need and the cost is $370 for the electronics and another $240 for 8 blown up proofs to make the book. Of course, I can't even begin to work without these done.

Is this pretty standard or is this ridiculous? According to them, they only attempt to sign about 5% of all people they see, so it seems selective but...?
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